Monday, September 14, 2009

A Rose Fish By Any Other Name. . .

PETA is always good for a laugh.

Yes, I love animals too, but this group of people for the ethical treatments of animals does certain things that make them just look a little crazy every now and then. I mean, I have a hard time respecting an organization that tells women and men that stripping off their clothes will help save the animals somehow - it doesn't save the animals, it just makes you naked.

One of my favorite PETA battles? Fish. I guess it's not even cool for vegetarians to eat fish anymore (although I always thought that to be a weird loophole in the vegetarian rules). Now, I refuse to eat fish because it tastes awful, so I'm already doing my part to save them, but that's not enough. I'm only one person. In order to save all the fishes of the sea, PETA has stepped up to the plate and taken a swing at all you filthy fisheaters out there. PETA has asked the US Fish and Wildlife Service to officially change the name of fish to, and I'm not making this up, "Sea Kittens."

Yes. Sea Kittens.

This is for real. They've even created a site (click here) where you can see their plea and, as an added bonus, create your own adorable sea kitten. This is what I came up with:

I'm sure this campaign will stick and it will change the world. Look, it worked on me. I've already vowed to not eat any more fish because of it. . . and because of the smell, flavor and texture. GAG!

Thank you, PETA, for keeping me so entertained!


Jim Gaffigan on vegetarians:


Crystal Ross said...

Woo PETA foreva!

Andrea said...

There are different kinds of vegetarians, Joel. Some feel it is okay to eat fish, I mean sea kittens, and some of us don't. There are even those who feel it is okay to eat poultry, but I take serious issue with those losers calling themselves vegetarians.

Also, I love the cute sea kittens! They have little animated bubbles, and their eyes follow your cursor around wherever it goes, like one of those creepy paintings.

Jaime said...

oh my... i went to their website. HILLARIOUS! fire the PR guy for fish, he's doing a bad job. ha! who ARE these people?

love jim gaf.