Monday, July 30, 2012

A Sandwich For Every State

Faithful readers, right now we have 10,490 athletes from around the globe representing their country at the 2012 London Olympics. Each one of these Olympians symbolizes the best that each country has to offer, and their respective countries could be judged by how they perform in their respective events. . .respectively. And since watching the Olympics always seems to make me hungry (is eating an Olympic event?), I've decided, for this post, to combine my love for food with the spirit of representation and present to you Stately Sandwiches:

A woman named Kelly Pratt has taken it upon herself to find a sandwich that best represents each state in the U.S. We've discussed foods representing states already on this site, and we've also talked about the greatest movie sandwiches, so this seems like a project that Slice of Fried Gold can get behind.

She only has 13 out of 50 states done so far, but she just started the project earlier this year, so her journey is just beginning.You can still have a hand in helping her pick the sandwich that best represents your state. So, I ask you, faithful readers, what sandwich best represents your state? For those that are already represented via sandwich, are you happy with the decision? She doesn't have Utah on there, but I would think a pastrami burger would be appropriate, considering that it was popularized by the Utah-native Crown Burgers restaurants.

Also, do any of these sandwiches entice you to visit the state? Based on the sandwiches she has posted on her site, I think that I am more likely to visit Kentucky than I would be California -- but that's normally the case anyway. California is filled with a bunch of weirdos.

My thanks to, alert reader, Kenneth for sending this in.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Thank You For Being a Superfriend

As all you faithful readers know, The Dark Knight Rises comes out this weekend. And I'm not one for spoilers, but this clip was too juicy NOT to share. It was sent in by, alert reader, Ryan and it shows that the eight years in between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises haven't been kind to poor Bruce Wayne, and Christopher Nolan seems to have softened the story a bit from what the two previous movies have been. This newest installment also seems to be more focused on the relationships Batman has made, rather than the battles with his enemies.

Take a look:

Christopher Nolan, you are a genius.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Give Me Back My Face. . .with Some Bacon and Eggs

Ok, let's just chalk up this post as one of those things I probably find funnier than most people. Heck, I probably find this funnier than it actually is, but that's what this blog is for, right? It's not about readership, or my faithful readers, or comments or stuff like that (if I keep saying that enough, I might actually start to believe it). When it comes right down to it, this blog is for me posting the stuff that I find entertaining and want to have cataloged for a future date.

It's also a safe place for people to bash on Twilight without fearing repercussion. Those fans are scary, frightening people.

But I digress. I may have not discussed it much here on the blog, but Ron Swanson is one of my heroes. I actually dressed up as Ron Swanson last Halloween -- complete with a bag of bacon that I didn't share with anyone. And another Halloween costume I've contemplated doing sometime is that of Rorschach, the dark, brooding antihero from Watchmen. These two characters, apparently, have a lot in common. Jon Morris and RJ White noticed some similarities in the way these two men thought and spoke, so they took quotes from Ron Swanson and put them in comic panes from Watchmen, and they also took quotes from Rorschach and put them in scenes from Parks and Recreation. They call the website Ron Sworschach.

Make sense? Here are some examples:

But perhaps you faithful readers out there don't really care about Ron Swanson or Rorschach, or you may be passionate about one, but not about the other. Maybe this type of comedy died last night, and nobody cares. Nobody cares but me. . .

And perhaps one day the accumulated boredom will foam up about the internet users' waists, and all the bloggers and tweeters will look up and shout "Make us laugh!"

And I'll look down and whisper "No . . ."

Wow. This post kind of took a dark turn. Here's an adorable baby head-banging to the Beastie Boys!

Monday, July 2, 2012


I don't like being yelled at, so it's probably obvious that I don't like Dora the Explorer. I don't know why, exactly, Dora thinks all of the children who watch her show are hard of hearing, but she is actually one of the only people on earth that you can hear from space.

So while my disdain for Dora the Explorer ranks up there with the likes of taxes, Tyler Perry and Twilight (man, I guess I don't like things that start with the letter T), I do enjoy a good parody. Alert reader, Ryan, knows that I like parodies, so he sent in this video from CollegeHumor, which imagines what a live-action Dora the Explorer movie would be like.

Let's take a look, shall we?

Good stuff. I have to admit, I'd probably go see this movie.