Monday, February 7, 2011

Lego My Best Picture!

So the Academy Award nominations are in and either the Academy has read my last few posts about the Oscars, or I'm getting more film snobbish, because I didn't have any big problems with this year's nominees. Maybe it's because they expanded the Best Picture category to 10 films so even though, let's face it, some films have no chance of actually winning, at least the general public doesn't feel like their film was snubbed.

Anyway, I thought I'd do a quick recap of the Best Picture nominees here on Slice of Fried Gold, Slice-of-Fried-Gold style! Alex Eylar, a Lego designer, being the Lego genius that he is, has recreated each one of the nominated films with pet dander. I'm kidding, of course - pet dander is reserved for the Best Live Action Short Film nominees. But here are the Best Picture nominees in Lego form.

Let's see how many you can identify without cheating and looking them up!

***WARNING: The comments will probably contain spoilers. You've been warned.***

Note: I've only seen 4/10 of these films as of the date of this post. Surprisingly, I plan on seeing almost all of the nominees this year.


--jeff * said...

pretty cool. i think i like 127 the best, although the inception design was really good, too.

and why do i get pet dander?

The Former 786 said...

I don't make the awards, Jeff. I just distribute them. Blame the Academy.