Monday, September 24, 2012

Shame On You, Rover!

I love dogs. I think they're great. They're like really energetic and furry toddlers. Plus, unlike toddlers, dogs won't learn to talk back, and then one day threaten to put you in a home. However, much like toddlers, dogs can get into trouble or get on your nerves once in a while. But no matter how many stern talks you give to your dog, they're not going to understand what you say. They may understand that your tone is angry, but they won't get the gist of your words.

So, what can you do for those disobedient dogs that just won't learn? Why you can publicly shame them, of course! A website called gives you a chance to humiliate your dog by posting a picture of them with a sign or caption letting the world know what they've done.

Here are some examples:

You can head on over to the website if you want to see more shamed and shameful canines.

And you're a good boy for reading this blog, faithful readers, yes you are! Yes you are!


--jeff * said...

this is amazingly funny and... well, i guess it's not really pathetic, since the posters probably aren't hoping to actually shame their animals (i mean, i'm sure there are "those people" on there, but for the most part...) and it's not really stupid, it's just... funny.

kudos to these people for allowing us to laugh at their misfortune.
(the ebay photobombing dog is my favorite.)

(...odd that spell check had an issue with "ebay" yet seems totally cool with "photobombing")

The Former 786 said...

Agreed. It's the same reasoning I have when I snap a picture of a mess my kids have made -- just so we can laugh at it later.