Saturday, February 28, 2009

Graph Jam vs. Engrish

Faithful readers, I'm having a dilemma.

When I first started this blog, I had a "Daily Graph Jam" on the sidebar. This continued for a while until I remembered about one of my other favorite sites, While Graph Jam was fun and new and entertaining, Engrish was an old friend who helped me laugh during my college days. So I switched to the "Engrish Translation of the Day" as you see now. Each day (except for weekends) I switch the sidebar to the latest and greatest Engrish translation.

Now, however, I'm wanting to go back to Graph Jam as I'm finding some new favorites that I want to share with you (y'all, for the Texans).

So what should I do, faithful readers? Which shall I choose for the sidebar? Graph Jam, with it's witty and contemporary humor? Or with it's humorous and unbelievable mistranslations?

Cast your vote now! Well, look below for a taste of what each site holds and THEN cast your vote.

Here are the examples from

And here are some examples from Graph Jam:

song chart memes

song chart memes

song chart memes

song chart memes

song chart memes

song chart memes

song chart memes

song chart memes

song chart memes

song chart memes


Summer said...

Hmmm, it's a hard choice! I'm going to go for Engrish. I was loling my head off!

Andrea said...

How about both? It's not like you have limited space or anything.

--jeff * said...

living in japan, i saw plenty of engrish, although your pictures show the craziest.

however, i had never seen graph jam before, and was thoroughly amused by the statistics.

in the end, i cast my lot for the graph.

L'homme Masqued said...

The graphs. That Twilight one and the cell phone one are spot on!

LittleMikey said...

Although the engrish is quite fun. I think my vote is for the graphs. They made me chuckle.

Sara Ann said...

Both are funny, but Engrish makes me laugh out loud, I was reading this at work and I think my co workers thought something was wrong! haha, so I vote for Engrish.

Bethany said...

As I was reading Engrish I thought you for sure had to go with those. But then I saw the graphs and now I'm undecided. Sorry, no help from me. Both are great.

Kelsi White said...

both! but if you have to choose only one, engrish.

The Former 786 said...

Ok, that's two (2) votes for Engrish, two (2) for both and three (3) for Graph Jam.

The problem with both is that I wouldn't know how to put them so it would be 1. asthetically pleasing onsite (right now I have it picture, text, picture text) and 2. put it in a place where people will still read it (if I put it below the other links to kill time then no one will even see it).

You see my dilemma?

The Former 786 said...

Ok. I switched up the format to accommodate both Graphjam AND Engrish. What do you think?

I had to push down the other blogs I look at - I hope that doesn't offend anyone.

jo said...

Although my vote is a bit late, I would go with Graph Jam. I agree with the "What I Know About Science" graph.

The Former 786 said...

I figured you would. :) I actually put that one on this example list specifically because I knew you were a fan.