Sunday, April 12, 2009

MY Bubbles!

One of my favorite things to do (aside from sleeping, eating, watching movies, dancing the tango, swimming, organizing town meetings, cooking, reading, riding bikes, whale calling, playing video games, hunting domesticated bears, listening to music, stunt driving, writing for my blog, playing the harp, attending live theater, brainstorming, magic and chess) is blowing bubbles for kids. It's so fun to see their little eyes light up as they try to catch the bubbles, and then see their little faces as a bubble accidentally pops in their mouth and they realize that bubbles are not delicious.

I remember in 6th grade when my teacher, Mrs. Birch, announced that we were going to be doing a course called "Bubbleology" in which we would study bubbles. We would create them, study them, freeze them, watch them pop and the like. I was so excited! It wasn't as cool as the day a kid brought a dry ice bomb to class for his science project (the rules were a bit different back then), but it was still pretty cool.

So imagine my overjoyous joy when I found out that there was a company that fills bubbles with helium and then shapes them into whatever shape you want!

Too good to be true? Check it out for yourself - FLOGOS!

As one website states "Not since the American Indians used smoke signals have messages been so clear." An odd analogy? Yes. Not entirely accurate? Probably. A little racist? Possibly. But the point is, these things are cool-looking!

And it's completely one of those "why didn't I think of that?" ideas! The company just took some soap, added some helium, and then made a little box to push the bubbles up through a mold and then a little windshield-wiper-type-device cuts the bubbles free and they float away. Genius! The machine can produce one "flogo" every 15 seconds, so they recommend running two at a time so you can get one every 7 seconds.

The bubbles then float up slowly into the wild blue yonder. Depending on the weather conditions, they can go as high as 20,000 feet and can travel up to 20- 30 miles!

You can create your own stencils/molds to make whatever shape you want for the occasion. And you can also color them whatever color you want. Think of the possibilities!

Now, I have no idea what I would ever use one of these bubble machines for - considering I'm not really a sportsman, I don't own a company nor do I throw promotional events. Plus, I don't really have money. . .but still, it's cool to know that this kind of technology exists in our day!

Here's to bubbles!


Sara Ann said...

awesome, you could use it to announce the birth of your next child...

Kelsi White said...

so you play the harp eh? haha i want one of these bubble things for my birthday! :)