Sunday, July 5, 2009

All This Laughing Is Making Me Cough Too Much

Yes, I'm sick. No it's not Swine Flu - at least, I don't think it is.

So here are a couple videos which you may have seen before (and which I may have even shown you before), but I felt like they should be posted on Slice of Fried Gold for posterity's sake (or something like that).

This first one is in honor of the holiday weekend we just passed. It's heartwarming:

There, don't you feel more American now?

And this second one is just plain awesome. It was shown to me first by Jeff Tromphlin and then I quickly spread it around to almost everyone I know because I think it should be known how creepy and weird the character of Edward Cullen is (that's right, ladies, he's not real) and how cool and grounded Buffy is (who is completely and totally real):

Spoiler alert! Buffy wins over Twilight. But, I guess that shouldn't be a spoiler because practically anything wins over Twilight.

Anyway, I'm heading back to bed for some much-needed rest.



Katya said...

This is the blog that I love. Feel better, Joel.

Peter said...

The Buffy/Twilight mash-up is really very well done. I love when he appears to walk off to "look it up." I've never seen so much as an episode of Buffy or Angel -- heresy in Joss Whedeon circles, I know -- and I've never seen/read Twilight, but it was still great.