Sunday, June 28, 2009

This Post Could Kill You Without You Knowing It

It's not every day that I get taken by surprise. I pride myself on the fact that I usually am involved with the first wave of funny/interesting things on the internet. So imagine my surprise when Mike, an alert reader, showed me something on the internet that I had never seen before. Now, I have to admit, this HAS happened to me before (after all, I love getting shown new funny/interesting things on the internet - that's what this blog is all about), but the shocking part was the conversation that ensued afterward. And I quote:

Mike: haveyou seen this?
4:43 PM my guess is yes
me: What the heck?
Mike: have you not seen it?
me: I have not.
That's awesome!
4:44 PM Where did you find this?
Mike: someone here at work showed me
me: Wow.
4:45 PM That is hilarious.
4:48 PM Mike: I'm happy I showed you something on the internet that you did not know about
my life is complete

Mike, here, acted as if this was something that had been around forever. And, in fact, I found out that this posting had actually been around since April. Dang! So I am behind the times and some of you may have already seen it, but I'm posting about it anyway.

So, without further ado, I present to you. . .A Utah Ninja for Hire.

So there, Mike. You beat me. BUT I'll see your "old" ninja ad and I'll raise you TWO (older) NINJA VIDEOS!! Because things can still be old and be funny!



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