Monday, April 12, 2010

I'll See That Video, and I'll Raise You a Kitty

Remember a while back when we were discussing that Pure Russian Joy video? Well, it still brings a smile to my face each time I see it, but I will admit I don't laugh as hard at it anymore. So imagine my utter elation when, alert reader, Derek showed me the following video (sorry, Skyloo, you're not gonna be able to see this one at work - here's something to keep you entertained in the mean time):

I told you this Trolololol thing was spreading.

Now, while most of you will find the humor in that video immediately, some of you will be asking "What is it with you and cats, The Former 786? Why do you find them so funny?" Here's my theory on that: Cats are supposed to be these elegant, graceful and intelligent creatures, so when they do something stupid, it's comedy gold. Kind of like when newspeople make mistakes - hilarious!

So this video takes something that I already liked, dipped it in chocolate, filled it with cheese and then covered it with frosting.

Dang. I just made myself hungry - gotta go! Keep trololoing!


Crystal Ross said...

OMG OMG I love this so much! Thanks, 786.

benjiballin said...


The Woolley's said...

That is hilarious!!!