Monday, August 9, 2010

Deduced Disney Destiny

Certain people were meant to play certain roles. Did you know that Will Smith was approached to play Neo in The Matrix? As fun as he is to watch on screen, no one can play the slightly uncomfortable outsider better than Keanu. Also, as well as Arnold fits the part, James Cameron originally wanted to cast O.J. Simpson as the lead role in The Terminator. Cameron ended up going with the current governor of California because he felt that "people wouldn't have believed a nice guy like O. J. playing the part of a ruthless killer."

Like a glove - when a role fits, it fits. Recently Paste posted an article about actors who would fit hypothetical live-action Disney roles perfectly. I'd like to post a couple of my favorites here:

Isla Fisher would be absolutely adorable as Ariel. Heck, she's absolutely adorable regardless of the role she's playing. Some people have trouble differentiating between her and Amy Adams, and now that they both have associations with Disney Princesses it's not gonna get any easier.

I don't know if I completely agree with this one, but since Eva Longoria is hot and Belle is the hottest Disney Princess, I'll allow it. They're also both married to big, intimidating men.

It's not just the hair. . .ok, it's just the hair. I can't believe I didn't see the connection between Christopher Robin and Justin Bieber before! Especially since Christopher Robin hangs out with Pooh and Beiber's songs are poo. ZING!

I wasn't a fan of Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow, but maybe I would have liked it better if Adrien Brody was playing the part of Ichabod Crane. Aiden fits that role so well, physically! Much better than an action hero in a Predator film.

Jeremy Irons may be the voice of Scar, but Jason Isaacs definitely has the face. Don't know who Jason Isaacs is? He looks familiar, doesn't he? Here's a hint: Just picture him with a long platinum blond wig and a cape. That's right, he's Supergirl.

It's as if they modeled the Sultan from Aladdin after Richard Attenborough! Now they just have to fossilize Richard in amber until they decide to remake the cartoon into a live-action comedy.

Speaking of Aladdin, put a cap on Rodrigo Santoro and he's done! He is Aladdin! And since they ****SPOILER ALERT****killed****END OF SPOILER**** him on Lost, he's got a lot of time on his hands.

One more? Ok. One more!

Yzma and Joan Rivers - a match made in graceless aging heaven!

See what I mean?

You can see the full "Disney Characters and the Entertainers Born to Play Them" list at Paste This was only 8 out of 20. I'd like to congratulate Corey Humphress for doing a spectacular job with the comparisons.

Well done, Corey. Well done.


Amy said...

Ok I am cracking up about the Justin Bieber Christopher Robin comparison! So true!

shelly said...

I love Jason Isaacs! I think my favorite part of his was Hook and the Dad in the live action Peter Pan. Probably because someone finally let him play a nice guy for at least a couple of scenes.
Isla is just adorable no matter what she does, huh? Good match as well.

Summer said...

...and all his songs are Poo! HaHaHa! That was awesome!