Monday, August 16, 2010

Scene Stealers and Remixes

Sometimes the story is not the most interesting aspect of a news report. Occasionally the news piece will be overshadowed by the people being interviewed. Take, for example, the following four news stories. The people being interviewed in these newscasts were so memorable that their words were immortalized in the timeless art of You Tube remixes. But I'm getting ahead of myself here are the original stories:

Original Videos

Whistle Tips - This video is a favorite of mine from back in the day. See if you can figure out who steals the scene in this "controversial" story.

Did you notice how Bubb Rubb and Lil' Sis ran that stop sign at the end of the video? Classic.

Alabama Leprechaun
- This video features a plethora of memorable characters. I still don't know why this story was featured in the first place, aside from the fact that it gives me a completely different outlook on the residents of Alabama.

Seriously? Who approved this story?

Zombie Kid - This one is short, but sweet. Kids are so insightful sometimes.

I can't get tired of this one. Just another reason why zombies rock!

Bed Intruder
- This story was sent in to me by, alert reader, Rosa Lee. This was the one that reminded me of all the other great scene stealers I've seen on newscasts, and it inspired this post.

Thanks, Rosa Lee!

Now that you've seen the original videos, let's see what happens when you put them in the hands of the You Tube generation:

You Tube Remixes

Whistle Tips Remix - What happens when you take out Roxanne Bruns, most of the news anchors and put the story to music? Pure awesomeness!

Alabama Leprechaun - They only really focused on one guy in this remix, but it's still a fairly catchy tune.

Zombie Kid - This video proves that a remix doesn't have to be a musical for it to be awesome. Go zombie kid!

Bed Intruder - Also sent in by Rosa Lee, this remix was done by a group called The Gregory Brothers (aka Auto-Tune the News) and it is, in my humble opinion, the best song remix on here.

So there you go, faithful readers. I hope you enjoyed this stroll through the strange and fun world of the news and news remixes. And don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for scene stealers the next time you're watching the news -- and then watch out for their You Tube remix.


Summer said...

Makes me want to visit Alabama.

Marly said...

Wow, that was seriously awesome! I wonder if that guy realizes he talks like a song.

shelly said...

How did I never see that Leprecaun bit?!? That's great!

Sara Ann said...

Have you seen the remix of the last one where the Mo Tab was featured? Here is a link to a blog I saw it on

The Former 786 said...

Ha! It took me a while, but I spotted them. Good find, Sara Ann!