Monday, March 14, 2011

All Hail Internet Animals!

Animals rule the internet. Don't believe me? Go to Google right now and type "Animals" in the search box and hit enter. Now click on "Images." What do you see? That's right, nothing but animals.

This highly scientific experiment aside, no matter what you search for in Google (cat, lolcat, keyboard cat, etc.) you're going to find pictures of animals. And not just any animals, either. Cute animals. The internet used to be a place where people traded information and data was stored. Now, it's full of baby tigers, bear cubs, piglets and miniature horses all with little captions imagining what the animals would say if they could talk.

But that wasn't enough!

A British sketch comedy series called Walk on the Wild Side takes stock footage of wild animals and dubs voices over the video, with hilarious results. Instead of captions, the animals are now actually talking - take a look.

This video was originally brought to my attention by, alert readers, Ryan and Rosa Lee, but it was brought to the forefront of my mind once again by, alert reader, Brad. It was just as funny the second time as it was the first time.

However, I don't think the boys over at the BBC anticipated what kind of consequences this could have. People already freak out over the cute animals they find on the web. Now that these animals are talking, imagine what they could say. . .what they could tell you to do.

You couldn't resist a cute little kitten asking you to click on a simple little ad, right? And what if an adorable puppy politely told you to go to a particular website, could you say no? Now, imagine a charming, petite bunny rabbit telling you to buy something you don't need, a sweet little baby monkey persuading you to try drugs, or an irresistible baby seal commanding you to destroy all humans? Could you resist? I hope so.

Let us pray they never use Fennec foxes for evil - or heaven help us all.


Katya said...

Oh, goodness. I almost started crying with laughter during "Billie Jean."

Zufelt said...

Oh baby animals, I love you so much.

Crystal said...

OMG! That cute thing yelling "ALAN, ALAN, ALAN" is killing me. Also, those laughing birds. AAA! ALSO THE OWL. I love this. All of it.

Mike said...

This made me chuckle audibly a couple times.

--jeff * said...

it's been my observation that, no matter what i do a google image search for, amidst all of the applicable results there will inevitably be a picture of a girl in her underwear in the results.

bring on the sarcastic remarks.

Andrea said...

Nightime....DAYTIME! Hahahahaha.