Monday, March 7, 2011

Amazing Ocular Deception!

Move over, fireworks! There's a new form of mass public entertainment in town! And trust me, faithful readers, this is gonna blow your mind.

This video, sent in by, alert reader, Jessica, was originally filmed in Kharkov, Ukraine in August of 2010. This eye-popping illusion was part of their Independence Day celebrations. Why they celebrated the 4th of July in August I'll never know, but it occurred to me that this kind of entertainment could easily replace the traditional fireworks show.

Think about it. The average fireworks display requires pyrotechnic experts, supervising firemen, ideal weather conditions, Neil Diamond songs and loads of gunpowder. A 3D projection show requires a laptop, a projector and speakers. Oh, and a building of course. This kind of show also negates the need for audience members to duck or dodge falling firework debris.

This type of 3D projection is becoming more and more popular around the world, which begs the question, can we even trust our own eyes anymore? It used to be that CGI was only limited to movies and low-budget Syfy channel productions about shark/alligator hybrids. Our brains would normally dismiss these monsters, explosions and special effects because they were on a screen. But now you could see this kind of stuff as you're walking down the street. That's a scary thought. The line between reality and fiction is getting more blurred each day. We can't even trust our five (or six) senses anymore.

Admit it, there were moments of that video that you forgot the building really wasn't moving. Don't lie.

You know where liars go.


Crystal said...

I love this! It blows my mind! Chris even got into it. very impressive.

PS: I hate how curious I am about all your links. I always have to click on them. EACH of them.

The Former 786 said...

Ha! At least someone is clicking on them. :) Thanks, Crystal.

Don't feel like you need to click on all of them the first time through, though. They're mostly there to allow people to enjoy the post multiple times.