Monday, June 27, 2011

No Time! There's Never Any Time!

I'm a busy man. Between watching Netflix instant viewing, eating, watching the Netflix movies that come in the mail, sleeping, rating movies on Netflix and occasionally talking to my wife and kids, it's hard for me to find a spare moment.

Because of my busy schedule, I don't have all the time in the world to get dressed, make food or be organized, so imagine my utter joy when I saw this video sent in by, alert reader, Amber. Watch and learn how to do a few common household tasks faster! Don't worry, this video is only five minutes long, so it won't take up too much of your time.

Boom! You just got educated!

Out of the twelve segments in this video, I've only tried five (egg, soda, banana, shirt removal, ketchup), but they have been fairly effective. The egg one takes some effort and practice, and the soda one will make your pop cans taste like salt if you don't rinse them off, but I'm excited to try the other seven.

What about you, faithful readers? Have you tried any of these before? Will you try any of these now? If and when you do, I want to know about it. I challenge you to try these innovative methods and let me know how they work out for you.

I look forward to seeing your reports.


Mike said...

This post is good, but by far the best part is the title.

The Former 786 said...

I'm glad you caught that message, Mike.

blarshk said...

I was three seconds from trying the shirt removal right here at my desk.

I decided it was probably a bad idea.

Rosa Lee White said...

Bwahaha! I love the voice of the banana guy. Bwahah! Spud in the buff! Seriously...I loved this post! I have to go fold clothes now... I'll let you know if the shirt folding works.

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

I've been a little bit obsessed with this video for a while.
If I am going to try any of this it is going to be the parallel parking. Backing up is so old school!