Monday, October 17, 2011

Till Undead Do You Part

Somehow it got out that I like zombies, so when these pictures came out in August, a number of faithful readers sent them my way. However, I felt that these were much better suited for an October post, so I patiently waited until now to put them on Slice of Fried Gold. Let's just say that Ben Lee, Juliana Park and Amanda Rynda are my new heroes. This is how you do engagement photos right!

It was just another day in Happy Engagement Photo Land.

Then, without warning, out of nowhere, and all of a sudden, a zombie (Jason Boesch) appeared on the horizon.

Juliana gasped in terror and Ben bore his teeth, attempting to show dominance to this intruding male.

Ben attempted to protect Juliana from Zombie Jason by punching her in the face.

But when the Zombie Jason began to attack Ben, Juliana fought to protect him.

Will Ben and Julia survive this zombie attack? Or will the zombie make this engagement shorter than a celebrity marriage? Well, you can find out by going to Amanda Rynda's blog and checking out the full story.

If only I had thought of this when I was engaged! Maybe I can talk my wife into re-doing our engagement photos. . .

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