Monday, September 16, 2013

Waffles: A Challenge for the Internet

Oh Internet, you think you're so smart - so witty. You think you can take anything that's seemingly mundane and turn it into something cool that will endlessly entertain people like me and the faithful readers of Slice of Fried Gold.

Well I have a challenge for you, Internet.

Popularize this!

Yup. It's a waffle falling over. That's it. Thanks, Schnooleheletteletto! Not since Man Eats Hamburger has someone uploaded something so unremarkable to YouTube. And you, Internet, now have to find a way to make it into something people will want to share. You must create it into a meme that will be copied and repeated dozens of hundreds of time!

Are you up for it?

Oh. Ok. I guess you are. That was mildly entertaining, I guess. But I'm not that big of a SpongeBob fan, so...

Fine, Internet, you can try and appeal to me with my enjoyment of dubstep music, but I still don't think these waffles are a meme yet. For that you need many, many more-

Ok, those last three are just playing off past Slice of Fried Gold posts! You can't just-

And those are some my favorite TV shows, but still...

How is this possible?? It's just a video of a waffle falling over!

You win, Internet.


Colton H Mathews said...

Pretty sure I watched Everyone of those... A waffle falling over... who would a thought?

The Former 786 said...

I've watched more spin-off videos than I should have. Now I just constantly crave waffles.