Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tag Sidestep

Well, I was tagged by Lobbie. This vexes me, though, because I don't normally do tags, forwards, chain mail, or the like. However, Lobbie is a friend of mine. . .

How about a compromise? Instead of six random stories about myself, I'll tell six random stories about others? Kosher?

So here are six funny/random/stupid news stories that I feel are worthy of mention:

1. This'll teach 'em to not pay on time!

2. Hang on, Lady! We go for a ride!

3. She said her name was Polly - and that she needed a cracker!

4. Call me ANTI-Smokey the Bear!

5. It's not a trick. It's my illusion!

6. Well I didn't know how HE signed his signature. . .

1 comment:

Lobbie said...

Hahahaha. These were WAY more interesting than you!

(Just kidding! But I did thoroughly enjoy each one. Thanks for humoring me.)