Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wedding Sirens

Since a good friend of mine is getting married soon, I thought I'd give him some advice - seeing as how I've been married over a year and am now an expert. So, Jeff, this is for you. Take these things to heart and things will sail smoother than a sailboat on a smooth lake.

First of all, don't believe the old adage of "Don't go to bed angry." Sometimes you need to sleep things off and things will look brighter in the morning. If you stay up to resolve an argument you're just going to get sleepier and grumpier as the night wears on.

Save the planet and conserve water - shower together.

Get plenty of sleep before the wedding day and carry snacks on you. You'll be surprised how quickly your mood will shift when you get tired and hungry on your wedding day and they're still taking pictures.

Show interest in your spouse's interests even if you're really not interested in their interests. Interesting, no?

Always give 110%, even if that's not logically or humanly possible to give more than 100%.

But probably the most important advice I can give you, Jeff, on your special day, is to make sure that you get any restraining orders taken care of between you and your loved one!!!


Lobbie said...


I would like to inform you that you have been tagged. Your on-line blogging activity has been acknowledged and we found you to be a qualified candidate to respond to such a summons. Should you have any questions regarding your duties, please visit us at Happy Laughter, I am a Lucky Cat.

Sincerest regards-
Happy Laughter, I am a Lucky Cat

Sara Ann said...

Um, that is hilarious, it is sad to me that they are getting back together, think of their poor future children!

Jay said...

I think that last bit of advice is best of all, (w/out knowing either party) it does make it tough to ahve a ceremony where the 2 parties must be 100 feet apart (or whatever the distance is) especially the whole kis the bride part.