Saturday, January 17, 2009

Don't Judge a Movie by Its Cover

Many times I have asked someone "Have you seen [insert film title here]?"

And they say something to the effect of "I've only seen parts of it on TV as I was listening to my iPod, eating food, and walking in and out of the room."

Then I'll say "You should watch the whole thing. It's pretty good."

And they'll say "Nah. I basically already know what it's all about. It's not that good. I didn't like it."

This entertaining video shows why that argument doesn't work:

Moral of the story: If you haven't seen the film, you may not know the whole story. . .and people will laugh at you.


--jeff * said...

for someone who's only seen "bits and pieces" of the movie, she seemed to know quite a bit on some areas ("lando calrissian"), and had it "right", more or less.

still, thoroughly entertaining.

Bethany said...

So you're saying I should give Rudy a chance then?

Bryan said...

That was the funniest video I have seen in a LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG time. Summer and I were both hysterically laughing.... until Summer started crying from laughing hysterically. It's great!

The Former 786 said...

I know, Jeff. I was impressed with how much she knew as well.

And yes, Bethany, you SHOULD give Rudy a chance - it's only one movie, not an entire series.

Bryan, I'm glad you liked it. As soon as I saw it at work I knew I had to post it on my blog - and I was laughing as I did it.