Monday, June 22, 2009

Happiest Awkward Families with Cakes

I'm sorry.

I meant to post this during the weekend, but I got a little sidetracked and now it's the middle of the next week. Whoops.

Here are three websites that I believe are noteworthy and worth your time - especially if you need to waste some time. They update daily!

They are:

#1 Awkward Family Photos - The title of this site pretty much tells you what you're going to get. Enjoy.

#2 - Cake Wrecks - Professional cakes gone horribly wrong (plus, cool cakes on Sundays)!

#3 - Happiest People Ever - See if you can find the person with the most sunshine in their soul in each picture!

Between these three sites, I think everyone can be entertained.

Which is your favorite?


Crystal Bo Bistol said...

You forgot goths in warm weather!

Andrea said...

Yeah, Joel! Goths in Hot Weather!

Out of those you posted, I think I like Awkward Family Photos the best!