Monday, June 8, 2009

Turn Around Bright Eyes. . .Literally

This was first introduced to me by Lobbie, and then my supervisor at work sent it to me a few minutes later - so it's spreading quickly and you've probably already seen it, but I decided to put it on here anyway 1. Because I think it's funny and wanted to "catalog" it and 2. Just in case you haven't seen it.

Here's the "literal video version" of Bonnie Tyler's classic, Total Eclipse of the Heart. Yes, this is the actual video. Yes, it's bizarre. Sure, the new literal lyrics are juvenile at times - so am I.



SicklyGothGirl said...

Ha Ha! Awsome.

Redoubt said...

I was seriously considering doing this with my sisters. But they beat us to it.

Jaime said...

my favorite part is "what the effing crap? i think that angel guy just felt me up."

ha ha ha

WHERE do you find all this crap? ha

--jeff * said...

our sound mixer at work was telling me about this, although i had the idea that someone made a new video with literal shots corresponding to the song's goofy lyrics.

this is even better.

The Former 786 said...

Jaime, that was my favorite part as well. I still laugh when I think about it.

And I usually find this crap through other people showing it to me - just ask Jeff. :)