Monday, October 12, 2009

Wink, Wink

You know, I can't tell which is worse on this ad for Winkers: the actual product, or the video itself. So I'm going to let you decide.

Yes, this video is over 3 minutes long. No, you don't have to watch the whole thing. But I do recommend at least jumping around a bit so you can see the wide (HA!) range of styles that Winkers offers you, the customer. Plus, the music sounds like a movie soundtrack from the 80s!


Want more information? They have a website (click here) that's just as professional as this video.


Bryon said...

I didn't watch all of it but if they have a pac man after a ghost I'm all over it.

Chad said...

You know you want one.

Brooke Bennett said...

Wow. Ugly pants!

Jaime said...

so by the time i came to your site, the video link was not working. so i clicked on "click here" to go to the site. i, can't respect anyone who uses comic sans. i had to immediately close the window.

ha ha!

K. Madsen said...

Okay. So, Snow Patrol's "Open Your Eyes" came on my iPod when I clicked your link.

It honestly made this video seem much cooler. In a "here let me wink at you with my butt fat, while you listen to sweet tunes" sort of way.

Tom, Laura & Ella said...

Ohmygosh. Not only is the invention completely and utterly mind boggling, the soundtrack finishes the brain confusion nicely! Haha! My jaw was little dropped this entire clip! Ha! :) Love it.