Monday, January 10, 2011

Have Fun, Get Fit, All While Learning Engrish!

The last post was so centered around me and my likes, that I would like to spend this post talking about you, faithful readers, and your weight. . . and your multilingual education. What if I told you that there was a quick and easy way to learn English while getting fit and having fun?

"But, The Former 786," you say, "I already speak English. If I didn't, I wouldn't be a faithful reader of Slice of Fried Gold."

Huh. Good point there. . . .

Anyway, here are a few videos to help you learn English. I have seen these before, but, alert reader, Shelly has brought them to my attention once again. Below are some clips from the Japanese TV show 英会話体操 Zuiikin’ English (or, for you non-Japanese speakers out there, Eikaiwa Taisō Zuiikin' English).

This program aired originally in the early 1990s and it only had 24 episodes? Why, you ask? Well, it could be because all the viewers killed themselves after watching too many of these endlessly repetitive and redundant lessons - which is why I'm only posting three here. Trust me, it's for your safety.

Here's the first one, it's a simple lesson, but I think we can all learn from it. Thanks, Shelly!

Author's Note: I have no idea what that 2nd robber was wearing on his face - or what purpose it serves.

Here's the second one, that is sure to help your love life.

And here's the coupe-de-ville - the one that put these girls on the map (at least for me). Enjoy, please!

So. There you go. There are many clips of the different lessons from this TV show on YouTube, though I advise only watching one or two at a time - for your health. I don't want to be responsible for you getting all fit and English-y on me.

Huh. Look at that. Even though this post started out about you, it ended about me again. . .oh well.

Isn't narcissistic egocentrism what blogging is all about, anyway? I think so.


Ponczoch Family said...

Um, the last video was by far my favorite... so glad I know how to tell people (in English) about my bathroom problems... haha.

--jeff * said...

i could only watch the first video. maybe i'll come back for the other when i'm feeling like being weirded out again.

shelly said...

Your welcome all!

LOL --jeff*. They are weird but I believe these are easily the best. (Maybe throw in the one where they just teach you insults.)

Joel, FYI there is more than one Shelly's out there you don't have to keep using the one who treats bedwetting.

The Former 786 said...

Yeah, but we all know the bed-wetting one is more relevant. :)