Monday, January 17, 2011


I feel behind the times. Julian Smith has been around for a while now and has a HUGE online fan base, yet I just heard about him from, alert reader, Jeff C. a couple weeks ago. I am ashamed.

However, to make it up you, my faithful readers, I'd like to present to you a small sampling of the plethora of videos this guy has made. He's very talented. Since I was first introduced to him I have watched numerous videos of his and I've found something entertaining about each one. Plus he's a clean comic, which I really appreciate.

Here's to you, Julian (if that is your real name):

Hot Kool Aid - This is the first Julian Smith video I ever saw, and I think it's the one that helped him make his mark.

Note: I don't know why they're British in that clip. 

Malk - This was the second one that I watched, also recommended by Jeff C. It's bizarre, but that seems to be Julian's style.

Techno Jeep - Proving that he is as innovative as he is humorous, this video shows Julian's creativity/boredom.

Waffles - This final video in this sampler platter showcases one of Julian's regular characters, Jeffery.

There are many, many other humorous Julian Smith videos on his site and on YouTube, but I figured I had to stop at four, because anything more would be overkill.

However, even though his videos average over a million views each, now that he's made Slice of Fried Gold, his life is truly going to change - much like many other people I've featured on this site.

You're welcome, Julian.

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--jeff * said...

funny how you started off by commenting about how you're "behind the times" on this, seeing as i'm reading this post over two months late and that i just discovered him two days ago.

so, lesson learned: always trust "slice of fried gold."

thank you for making this for me.