Monday, April 25, 2011

Kitty Needs a Boost

Cats make me laugh more than dogs do.

Don't get me wrong, I love dogs, I just find cats to be more humorous. I think the reason behind this is that dogs are hyper and clumsy already, so when they bump into something or knock someone over, it's expected. On the other paw (ZING!), cats are usually prim and proper and so it's funny to see them do something silly or embarrassing. It's the same with reporters and newscasters - I get a big kick out of seeing them goof up.

However, I've also noticed that cats are even funnier with some additional help. On the internet, people have used things such as music, sound effects, captions and voice-overs to help boost the funny level of kitty cats.

I was originally going to show you a picture of a normal cat and then show you how funny it was with a caption, but it literally impossible to find a picture of a cat on the internet without a caption these days. Instead, here's this video of two regular cats interacting with each other:

Click here to watch the video because they disabled embedding, which is really annoying.

See? It was cute, yeah, but not laugh out loud funny.

Now, let's add the human element, as portrayed in this video sent to me by, alert reader, Jen. Witness the difference:

See? Much better.

So, to all you cats out there who think you may rule the world, just remember, in addition to feeding you and giving you shelter, we also make you funnier. So don't look at me with that high-and-mighty smug look on your face the next time I walk by, okay?. . . .You're not even listening, are you?


--jeff * said...

ok, the classic cat montage video (your "music" link, which, i think is at least in part from america's funniest home videos...) had me laughing plenty by itself.

add to that plenty of other pictures of cats (interesting observation that you can't even find a picture of cat without a caption on the internet these days) and i was feeling pretty good from those endorphins.

the original patty cake video was quite good and i figured that the voice over video would be obnoxious, a la bob saget from the aforementioned humorous home video show of the 1990s.
yes, joel, i still haven't learned to simply trust your judgment.
v.o. = much funnier.

plus, you managed to sneak in a CATS pic, an 80s music video, and a couple of good newscaster goofs.


Rubenix said...

Man, that cracked me up XD That Patty cake video was too funny! :D

Oh yeah, and all the cheezburger cats... Win.