Monday, April 18, 2011

Mysterious Unicorn Music

Faithful readers, I have a quest for you. I was recently sent a unique music video by, alert reader, Mitch and it has me baffled. I don't even know how to present it. So. . .here. . .

Yeah, I know. What WAS that??

As far as I can tell, Unicorns LA was done by a group called My Barbarian and it was NOT done as a comedy. The Wikipedia page for My Barbarian says that they are a trio that "makes site-responsive performances and video installations that use theatrical play to draw allegorical narratives out of historical dilemmas, mythical conflicts, and current political crises." O. . .k. . . So, 1. What does that long-winded trip around a thesaurus mean? And 2. What, exactly, is the "allegorical narrative" they're trying to convey in this video?

Then there's the official website of My Barbarian, which is, if you can believe it, less helpful than their Wikipedia page. The pictures on that site lead me to believe that these are, in fact, the same three people in the music video, but that website is in desperate need of a search bar. . .or a site map. . .or a web designer. There is no mention of "Unicorns LA" on their Wiki page or on their website. You'd think that they'd be more proud of this internet sensation and want to take credit for it.

So I turn to you, faithful readers. What is this music video all about? What are they trying to say? And what did this video say to you? Perhaps this is simply a Rorschach test, where everyone sees what they want to see. However, I would appreciate any background information or explanation for Unicorns LA that you could give me.

Help me faithful readers, you're my only hope.


C. Morris said...

This is very Stephen Groo-like (an old BYU friend of mine)
Check him out,
or on his web page

Now for my interpretation:
It was metaphor know that song kinda means...they don't think we pay that much attention.

C. Morris said...

GGrrrr...this is Shelly not C.Morris. I guess I should check my google login before commenting.

Andrea said...

Pure beauty.