Monday, May 9, 2011

Whittlin' the Time Away

Ok, this video is seriously impressive, but, seriously, WHO HAS THIS KIND OF TIME?

What is Scott Weaver doing to earn an actual living that would allow him to spend so much time on something so. . .awesomely random?

I don't even have time for a decent post this week!

Until next week, faithful readers!


Crystal said...

Holy. Skyscrapers.

--jeff * said...

how did i miss your post about movies that shouldn't be made? well, glad i had time to follow the links today.

yeah, that toothpick sculpture is impressive. i kept getting nervous when the guy with the camera would move in really close on it, just waiting for something to get knocked off....

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

I miss home really bad now. Thanks Former 786. I think I'll have to sit in the sun now for a while to recoup. (The exploritorium, was the last straw.)

The Former 786 said...

Crystal, I agree.

Jeff, I'm glad you had time, too. Those links take longer than they should sometimes.

Small Town Shelly Brown, I didn't know you were from San Francisco. I would say sorry, but. . .I'm not. . . :)