Monday, February 13, 2012

Artistic Differences

Though I have been blessed with many talents, I've never been a very good artist. I'm a man of words, not a man of visuals. However, there are a few things that I can draw that somewhat resemble what they're supposed to be. If you look at any of my notebooks or folders from school, for example, you'll see sketches of palms trees, sunglasses, swords, 3D cubes, lightning bolts, severed hands and stick figures. It seems to be a reoccurring theme when I doodle. I should probably see a psychiatrist.

Anyway, when alert reader, Dustin, sent me a link to a website called "," I knew it was something I would be able to do. After all, I can draw a stick man. So I gave it a shot. And I recommend you do, too. It's a fun little activity and it has a good message.

Just click the image below and express yourself artistically:


The Woolley's said...

That was quite fun!

Sara Ann said...

Haha fun:) I will have to do it for Sydney later. She will love it.

Crystal said...