Monday, March 25, 2013

Freeze, Agent Scully!

I'm watching the X-Files again, faithful readers. I decided I wanted to see them all again, in order from beginning to end. Yes, I'm that nerdy. I have fond memories of my family and I sitting down on Sunday evenings to watch The X-Files together when it was on the air -- that is, of course, until the alleged remote-throwing incident of 1999. . .

But I digress.

In the history of television, there are few characters as unflappable as FBI Special Agent Dana Scully (as portrayed by the award-winning actress, Gillian Anderson). This medical doctor has seen all sorts of amazing and horrific things throughout the course of the show, yet she always seems to maintain her composure.

Unless you hit the pause button.

Believe it or not, there is a blog out there dedicated to the funny faces Agent Scully makes when people press the pause button at the various times during an episode.

Here are some of my favorites:

"Mmmm! These gumballs are sour!"

"Ah. You've found my secret lair, Mr. Bond. Welcome."

"Derr, don't throw the ball so hurrd!"

"How you like my sessy face?"

"Telemarketers? Ick!"

This one just creeps me out. I have no caption.

"Hey sailor."

"Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffrench fries."


"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!"

Agent Scully is possessed and not impressed.

"Whassa matter, occifer? Was I spreeding?"

"*sniffle* Why they gotta pause my face like that? *sob*"

You can check out more Scully freeze frames on the Pause Face Scully website. My thanks to, alert reader, Ben for bringing this to my attention.

And my apologies to Ms. Anderson. We love you, Scully!


Danelle said...

It's because of her lazy eye! Here's a blog with some more pics of her lazy eye making an appearance.

The Former 786 said...

Oh Agent Scully, you poor thing!