Monday, June 24, 2013

Where the Street Scenes Have No Name

Long ago, my brain made a conscious decision to reserve some real estate for movie trivia. When that community began to thrive, my brain allowed the movie trivia subdivision to expand to more areas of the brain, and evicted the lesser-used residents of the brain such as world history and long division. They were barely making rent, anyway.

Now that my brain is essentially a thriving metropolis of movie trivia (with small outlying villages for basic motor functions and limited social skills), I love finding a good movie quiz. And Google Street Scene is just that. The guys that run this website have taken movie scenes and merged them into Google Street view. It is then up to the viewer to figure out what movie or TV show is being portrayed.

Here are some examples. The picture isn't the only clue, look at dates, locations and the caption below each image, as well. Some will be easier than others. You can find the answer by clicking on the caption.

Rest easy, son. You’ve had a busy day.

Maybe this is Heaven.

Either no one told me or no one knows.

You better get up now if you want to see the lake.

Dukes up; eyes peeled; ears to the ground.

Listen here, you dipstick.

We’ll drive home backwards.

Slower than the molasses in January.
Well, faithful readers? How did you do? Did you get all eight right? I did. But that's because I picked the ones I knew to put on this blog post. I'll admit that there were a bunch on the actual Google Street Scene site I didn't know. *sigh* I guess my brain is going to have to evict basic chemistry for the new movie trivia housing project. Worth it!

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