Monday, June 3, 2013

Winny The Puhh

Faithful readers, I may have already shared this on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, but I felt it needed to be immortalized here on Slice of Fried Gold, as well. This is seriously one of the weirdest things I've ever seen -- and I've seen a lot of weird things.

This video comes from an event called Eesti Laul. Eesti Laul is the contest in which bands from Estonia are selected to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual music competition featuring over 50 different countries that has been going since 1956. Think of it as American Idol on LSD.

Anyway, there are plenty of strange acts that make it into the Eurovision Song Contest, but for some reason, a  punk band called Winny Puhh didn't make the cut. Here is their 2013 performance of "Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti," which, according to Google Translate, means "Meiecundimees one Korsakov went yesterday to Latvia." So. . .there you go.

And here we go:

Yup. They're wrestlers, who are werewolves (from the neck up), and their drummers are spinning around in the air and then they all go up in in the air and then they pass out. Makes perfect sense to me. I don't know what the judges were thinking -- this is prime Eurovision Song Contest material.

You can give your thanks to Ove Musting, the multicamera director for your seizures. And you can thank, alert reader, Kent for bringing this performance (and the Eurovision Song Contest) to my attention.

Oh, and you can book Winny Puhh for your next wedding, children's birthday party or Bar Mitzvah by emailing them at

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