Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Breaking Bye-Bye

Faithful readers, I wasn't able to watch the Breaking Bad finale Sunday night because I had other priorities. So I had to go on a media fast to avoid spoilers for this show. I didn't get on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Blogger (hey! that's what this blog is on!) for over 24 hours so I could avoid hearing anything about it. It was kind of liberating, actually -- I got a lot of stuff done. And it's surprising how easy it is to not read any spoilers when you just avoid the internet completely.

Anyway, Breaking Bad is dark, depressing and hard to watch, but it was also amazingly creative, absolutely riveting and it's the reason I don't have a real blog post for you. I can't wait for ClearPlay to get a filter for this show so I can actually recommend it to people.

Never fear, I have a whole slew of Halloween-related posts for the month of October.

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