Monday, November 15, 2010

Come and Play - Everything's A-OK?

Elmo isn't the only creepy Muppet in town anymore.

Halloween may be over for some, but for you, faithful readers, the horror is just beginning. The gang over at Best Week Ever have compiled a list of photographs of people who tried to look like Sesame Street characters, but failed miserably.


Look, just because Oscar lives in the garbage doesn't mean he has to look like a pile of garbage. My kid would FREAK OUT if she saw this thing coming at her.

The scariest thing about this one is the lack of effort. Seriously? A piece of construction paper, some tape and a striped shirt and you think you're good?

It's not the mask that is scary, it's the eyes; those horrible, piercing eyes glaring directly into your soul.

It took me a while to guess what this weirdo was going for. Can you figure it out?

This costume confuses me, therefore, it scares me. At first glance, he looks like Grover, but then, you see the box of cookies. Dude, Cookie Monster is FAT!

Creative? Or offensive? YOU CHOOSE!

Imagine this: you're alone in your home and you pull back your shower curtain to find this face staring back at you. Instant heart attack.

These two should DEFINITELY be drug-tested. Look at that glazed-over look in their eyes!

I don't like the way Bert is looking at us. . .

Yes, you look like Elmo. . .after a lobotomy.

"Come play with us, Danny. Forever and ever and ever."

There's no denying it, this Bert wants to KILL you.

Dude, this isn't an Elmo costume. This costume looks like you killed a few Elmos, skinned them and decided to wear them. This picture gave my daughter nightmares. Why did I show this picture to my daughter? You tell me.

This is only thirteen out of fifty pictures on the site. You can see the rest of the pictures at

Until next week, faithful readers!

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--jeff * said...

that is seriously messed up stuff.
like, those guys make the "fan costumes" on homestarrunner look well done.

what i want to know is how many people there were trying to be ironic in one form on another and how many thought they were actually donning a good costume?

those give me the jibblies....