Monday, July 30, 2012

A Sandwich For Every State

Faithful readers, right now we have 10,490 athletes from around the globe representing their country at the 2012 London Olympics. Each one of these Olympians symbolizes the best that each country has to offer, and their respective countries could be judged by how they perform in their respective events. . .respectively. And since watching the Olympics always seems to make me hungry (is eating an Olympic event?), I've decided, for this post, to combine my love for food with the spirit of representation and present to you Stately Sandwiches:

A woman named Kelly Pratt has taken it upon herself to find a sandwich that best represents each state in the U.S. We've discussed foods representing states already on this site, and we've also talked about the greatest movie sandwiches, so this seems like a project that Slice of Fried Gold can get behind.

She only has 13 out of 50 states done so far, but she just started the project earlier this year, so her journey is just beginning.You can still have a hand in helping her pick the sandwich that best represents your state. So, I ask you, faithful readers, what sandwich best represents your state? For those that are already represented via sandwich, are you happy with the decision? She doesn't have Utah on there, but I would think a pastrami burger would be appropriate, considering that it was popularized by the Utah-native Crown Burgers restaurants.

Also, do any of these sandwiches entice you to visit the state? Based on the sandwiches she has posted on her site, I think that I am more likely to visit Kentucky than I would be California -- but that's normally the case anyway. California is filled with a bunch of weirdos.

My thanks to, alert reader, Kenneth for sending this in.


blarshk said...

Yes. Pastrami burger. This must be so.

The Former 786 said...

I'm glad you agree, blarshk. . .whoever you are.