Monday, September 5, 2011

Freddie the Elephant Packed His Trunk and Said Goodbye to the Circus

Hello, faithful readers. Remember a while back when we witnessed a cat getting busted for barking like a dog? Remember how embarrassed that cat was? Well, I've mentioned a couple of times on this blog how dogs and cats are different (I've also mentioned a number of times how much Twilight sucks, but that's a different story) and I'd like to prove my point once again.

Check out this video, sent in by, alert reader, Crystal:

Fred has no shame - and I love that. In fact, I wish we could all be a little more like Fred and unleash the elephant inside. Faithful readers, it's time to be an elephant! Run to your windows, faithful readers and trumpet through your nose as loud as you can!

. . . . .

Ew. That didn't quite work out the way I wanted it to.


Crystal said...

Oh, nice linking. Incorrect, but nice! :)

--jeff * said...

i'll be honest. in my busy schedule, i made time to stop by here today solely because of this post's title.
many points for that one, good sir.

The Former 786 said...

I thank you. It's one of my favorite songs.

And Crystal, I totally see the resemblance!