Monday, April 2, 2012

This Looks Like a Job For. . .TACOCOPTER!

I'm a fan of food delivery. Having someone bring food to my house means that I don't have to waste gas, time or shower water in order to eat food from a restaurant. However, what am I supposed to do when I want restaurant-quality food when I'm not at home? What do I do when I'm hiking a mountain or in some other remote location where I don't know the address? The answer, faithful readers, is the Tacocopter.

For those of you who don't know what the Tacocopter is, let me take a moment and separate the word out for easier reading: Ta-coco-pter. There, I hope that helps.

The premise is simple, you use your smartphone to make the order and let the Tacocopter come to you. This unmanned drone flies your way and lays the food right at your feet - no matter where you are.

Now, this idea may bring a couple of questions to mind, such as: How do I pay for the tacos? What if someone else gets my tacos? How long will it take to get my tacos? What if someone abducts the Tacocopter? What if I get the wrong order? How much would the company be willing to pay to get their Tacocopter back?

Well, truth be told, the Tacocopter isn't a reality yet. It's as fictional as cow tipping or The Twilight Saga's Academy Award nominations. It's just an idea created by Star Simpson, Dustin Boyer and Scott Torborg. Some people have called the Tacocopter a hoax, but I call it wishful thinking. What a wonderful world it would be if you could get food delivered to you no matter where you were. It would be a delicious, food-filled utopia! Although I can forsee some problems with a Tacocopter future. For example, let's pretend I was lost in the woods and I only had a few minutes of battery life left. I would then have to make the heart-wrenching decision of whether I should use those minutes to call for help or use them to order a couple of chicken tacos.

Wait, I just came up with a solution for that. I would order the tacos and then, in the notes section of the order I would simply write, "Please help me, I'm lost in the woods and I need a rescue team to be sent here. Also, no onions on the tacos, please. Thanks!"

Let the Tacocopter dream continue!

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