Monday, May 27, 2013

Urine For a Surprise!

Whether we admit it or not, smartphones have made bathroom stall time a lot less tedious. People who would abhor the thought of bringing a book into a bathroom are now surfing the web, shooting birds at pigs and generally spending eight times as long in the stall than they did before. But what about the urinal? It's still just the same, boring, strictly business process. . .


Faithful readers, a company called Captive Media has taken it upon themselves to create a solution for the tedious task of using a urinal. After all, you can only stare at a blank wall for so long -- unless some guy starts using the urinal next to you, then your only choice is to stare straight ahead and never lose focus. But I digress, Captive Media has installed video games above the urinals at the Coca-Cola Stadium, home of Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley IronPigs, a minor league baseball team.

"Test your might!"
 "But, The Former 786," you protest, "Don't you normally need both hands to play a video game? And. . .couldn't that get a little messy?" Well, my faithful reader, the folks over at Captive Media have created a solution for that problem as well. This game is controlled by your urine stream. Yes, you read that right. Your pee controls the game.

Take a look:

It's been in the UK for a while now, but it's finally making its way to the United States where, frankly, an idea like this should have been developed a long time ago -- or it should have at least come from Japan. This game also features a multiplayer mode, so men can compete against each other, if they feel so inclined. And I know there are certain guys in the world who feel the need to turn everything into one, giant. . . . well, you get the point.

Ladies, I'm just sorry this kind of technology isn't available for you. But science will catch up to you one day. Don't you worry!

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