Saturday, December 13, 2008


Recently a friend showed me a site where people can submit pictures of children being frightened by Santa Claus. I found it to be hilarious and, therefore, chose to share it with you.

There are over 250 pictures on the site (and it's growing), but I thought I'd share with you just some of the ones that I found particularly funny.


Caleb doesn't seem too sure about all this. I mean, Santa looks shifty!

I don't know who's more miserable - the kid or his dad.

Twin terror!

At least they're keeping warm.

Tee-hee. It's a pun!

This is the face of sheer terror!

Not scared of Santa - just doesn't like being around her brothers.

This is why they don't do Mrs. Claus most of the time.

"What? Why is my sister scared? Who's holding me?"

I love that we get the play-by-play on this fright fest.

I call this one "Screaming in Three-part Harmony."

Leilani is terrified. . that her parents took her to a Wal-Mart Santa!

This Santa looks surprised at Antigone's and Cindy's reactions. He must be new.

"I'm reaching out to you! Why won't you hold me?? WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME??"

The picture really says it all.

"Almost free! Oh, sweet, sweet freedom!"

That kid looks like 1. He ate something really sour or 2. Santa smells really bad.

One brother freaks out while the other quietly plots his revenge.

"Abort! Abort! Get me out of here! Now!"


Santa has resorted to taking hostages now.

Not even Mommy could quell Sara's terror!

Ashley and Brandon try their karate moves against the jolly red fellow.


Like Mother - Like Daughter

Emily isn't scared. She's just sulking at the crappy Santa she got this year.

"Please stop touching me, Mr. Creepy Elf Man."

Nominee for creepiest Santa ever!

"Don't taze me, bro!!"

Uh-oh. The lip is out. We all know what's gonna happen next.

I don't think Katie is scared. I just think that she's overwhelmed by the emotional impact of that book.

I don't blame this kid. That Santa is TERRIFYING!

"What? Dominik is frightened? This looks like a job for. . .SUPER MOM!!"

This Santa looks like a fisherman on the high seas.

"There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with this dude's eyebrows!"

That kid's face is almost as red as his tie!


I'm sensing a pattern. . .

The youngest one distracts Santa by pulling his beard while the middle child makes his escape.

Obviously Photoshopped, but still scary.

Triangle Girl is NOT happy!

Why the long face, Coltrane?

"Help! He's trying to steal my candy. . .even though he just gave it to me!"

"GAH!! Where did THAT thing come from??"

I'm more scared for Santa in this picture. That kid looks EVIL!

"Ha ha! You are my prisoners! You children will never escape my clutches!"

So there you go. You can find all the rest of the pictures at this website.

Merry Christmas!


--jeff * said...

those are disturbing, terrifying, and really funny.

i'm not fully convicted to never take any progeny i may have to see any any santa other than the real one himself.

Sara Ann said...

That is so great, my favorite is the broken arms kid! I am crying from laughing so hard!

Lobbie said...

oh man, I worked as an elf the Christmas after my mission and some of the pictures were so hilarious my brother would take the extras home because they cracked him up every time he saw them.

It's funny how many parents actually like the screaming picture.