Monday, December 28, 2009


I did a post like this last year, and I had a lot of fun doing it, so I decided to give it another go.

Here are some MORE pictures of children who don't seem to be quite grasping the holiday spirit:

Allison was suddenly suspicious of the cookie she was given.

"Imposter! Imposter! The mustache doesn't match! Alert the authorities!!"

Aubrey is doing her best to stay brave, despite Santa's Breath.

"I see a tunnel! With a very bright light at the end! Take me! Take me now!"

Carson found his best defense was to camouflage himself as Santa's outfit.

If you watch closely, you can actually see Charlotte and Grayson shaking.

Cole isn't scared of Santa, he's just disgusted with how commercial Christmas has become.

"Mommy? What's wrong with Santa? He seems sad and he's slurring his words."

If you've ever wanted to witness the face of terror, this is it.

Looks like it's a lump of coal for each and every one of the Fulton kids this year.

"Ewww, Mom! He smells like Egg Nog, moth balls and B.O.!"

This is the moment when Isabella learned that her head didn't detach from her body - as she had previously hoped.


Santa seems to be reading the label on Jordan's back to see where she was made so he can send her back.

Kathryn and Ellie are crying for their parents, but no one will answer. . . no one will answer.


Kenna let a long, sorrowful moan of despair escape her lips, oblivious to the gleeful indifference of her dumb brother.

Santa's shushing could not quell the fear of Lazarus.

Even with a mom buffer, Lily knew very well WHOSE lap she was sitting on!

"Je suis si plein de la crainte! Je suis ainsi effrayƩ! Est-ce que personne ne peuvent m'aider? Je suis malheureux! Svp, j'ai besoin de l'aide!"

"I'm a tree! I'm a tree! And trees don't have to sit on Santa's lap!!"

Side-saddle Santa doesn't want you to let the kids know that he is behind them - just in case.

Will is going for the standard crying, while Olivia is trying the "if I can't see him, he's not there" method.

Santa breaths a sigh of relief that Owen is taking most of his aggression out on his own father.

Phoenix is shocked and horrified at the price list for Santa photos he's looking at.

Rocco tried to be tough, but the tears just wouldn't stop.

No where in any of his books or movies had Roman seen Santa surfing - this was not right.

"What is the matter, Sanjiv? Do you not know that this is the man who brings us candy and toys? Stop your crying, brother, or you'll ruin it for the both of us!"

Santa seems genuinely hurt that Lainey didn't like him.

"Here's the deal, kid. You look down, I'll look up, and we'll both pretend you're not here peeing on my lap."

Tony wasn't fooled, he knew this was going to be a horrible picture from the get-go.

The Three Stages of Fear: Nervous Smile, Shifty Eyes, and Open Weeping.

No, this kid isn't crying, he's just trying to hit that high note on "O Holy Night."

Hey, if you're a Santa without a mustache, it's no surprise you're going to upset the kids.


So there you go. If you want, you can go to the site where these photos came from and browse through hundreds of Scared of Santa pictures and create your own captions. Fun stuff.

Also, as an added bonus, here are two more pictures of my own daughter's experience with Santa:

We thought Kaylee would be ok with Santa, especially considering all the preparations I'd done with her. . .

. . .we were wrong.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Brandon L. said...

786, this is 712. Several of those were laugh-out-loud funny. Felicia and I almost woke up Henry. Right on. ~B

The Former 786 said...

Roger that, 712. I'm glad that I can bring you and your family joy from a distant land!