Monday, February 1, 2010

My 100th Post - A Celebration in D Flat

Wow! 100 Posts! I really need to get a life. . .or a bigger audience - one of the two.

I started Slice of Fried Gold to share some (slices) of the funny, stupid and interesting articles/videos (fried gold) that I found on the internet. I would then write the articles with a bunch of random embedded links (a la Dave Barry) so that you can enjoy your read on multiple levels. And now, 100 posts later my posts are in AMAZING 3-D and HD with SPECIAL GUEST STARS - all at a special low monthly rate!!!

Ok, so they're pretty much the same. But isn't a little consistency nice sometimes?

So I've decided in honor of my 100th post, I'd like to countdown my top ten favorite Slice of Fried Gold posts. Some of you faithful readers joined late in the game, so this will be a good chance to catch up on earlier reading.

Now, some of the posts on here were really cool finds, but this top ten list was made to honor those articles that required a little more effort and showed off some writing skills. Yes, some of them are doubled up, but that's because it's my blog and it's my prerogative. Deal with it!

Here they are, in a particular order:

10. It's Not Just You and Mein Fuhr-osting! - These were two stories that I had a hard time believing actually happened, but I really enjoyed researching them and writing about them. I hope they make you think twice about the roommates you choose, and what you name your children.

9. Literal TV Titles - This is one of my articles that made it to the IMDb Hit List. It was a way for me to vent about the shows that I didn't like, and even make fun of the ones I did like. It's funny how defensive people get when you mock their favorite TV show - even if they deserve it *COUGH*TYRA*COUGH*.

8. Breaking Down the Term "Chick Flick" and Essential Ingredients of a Romantic Comedy - Yes, these two were a little similar, but these have been ideas that have been bouncing around in my head since I began watching romantic comedies and I was glad to finally get them down on paper. . .er. . .get them down in binary code on an LCD screen.

7. Marathon Throne Time - One of my first articles and probably my favorite story I got to write about hands down! I'm still amazed this actually happened. It's a bit wordy, but I really couldn't use a lot of pictures on this one. :)

6. A Cinematic World Without World War II - I got the idea for this post while having a discussion with my good friend, Jeff Tromphlin. I think it turned out alright, even though I submitted it to IMDb a number of times and they never used it. Feel free to use this one as a conversation starter - chicks dig historians.

5. Send in the Zombies - My very first post about one of my true loves - zombies. Zombies have made their way into a number of posts on here, but this was where it all started. I don't have as many embedded links in this article, but that may be a good thing, because sometimes the site I link to disappears and I have to go back and fix it.

4. Totally Subjective Horror Film List and Totally Subjective Film Lists - As my profile states, I like films. So it's actually kind of hard for me to pick favorites or put them in any order (notice how this "top ten" is actually 14) . I was proud that I could "set in stone" what I consider to be the greatest films and some of my favorite films. Plus, with the horror film list, I like the formatting of "The Plot," "The Pitch," "Content" and "Best Viewed." I thought it added an original flavor.

3. Ho-Ho-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! and Ho-Ho-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGAIN! - I really, really enjoyed doing these two articles. I searched (and laughed my way) through hundreds of different pictures of kids and Santa Claus and picked out these select "few" that I liked best. Yes, those captions came from my own sick mind and yes, I used the actual names of the kids. One of my favorite things about this article was when I had a relative tell me that she had a really bad night and ended up reading the first article and it helped her laugh and feel better. That's what it's all about.

2. The Curse of the Number 3 - This was the first article of mine that made it on the IMDb Hit List. It was quite an honor for me. This was also one of the theories that I have had for a while, and I finally wrote it down and made it official. It also holds the record for most comments. That's because a bunch of people I didn't know read the post and didn't quite agree with me that the number 3 in a movie series title is the sign of a bad movie. I also found that others had posted this article on their site - that was quite flattering.

1. Breaking Silence - Articles about how much I dislike Twilight are almost as abundant on this blog as articles about movies and zombies, but this article is the powerhouse of Anti-Twilighters. This is an informed article that weighs the pros and cons and exposes the stupidity of Stephenie Meyer's books. Also, this post may only be the runner-up in number of comments, but it was created over a year ago and it STILL is getting comments. I don't know how people are still finding it, but I hope it continues - THE MOCKERY MUST CONTINUE!

So there you go. In case you ever get bored at home, at school or at work, this would be a great post to come back to and read an article here and there. Hopefully this introduced some of you to fun new posts that you hadn't seen before, and reminded others (me) of ones that you enjoyed in the past.

Here's to another 100 posts!


--jeff * said...

i don't remember when i started following, but i know i've been here for a while. still, i need to go back and reread some of those.

so, former786 (whoever you are), thanks for the nostalgic clip-show look back.

keep being awesome.

Andrea said...

Joel! This is awesome. I hadn't read most of these articles, and I am excited to at...uh...home(?).

Crystal Ross said...

The chick flick post was one of my favorites. YAY for your 100th! I'm also glad you explained where the blog name came from, because I really wondered.